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How was the  method developed?

The MHRM protocol, or The Migraine & Headache Relief Method was developed in an evidence based approach. It started out more than 15 years ago as a set of cranial massages.

These were combined with various other techniques and methodologies. By a process of trial and error the key elements were identified, isolated and adapted.

Today the method encompasses more than 20+ techniques each one containing the key elements adapted and tested for various scenarios to give relief to practically all forms of Migraine & Headache pains.

Our Mission  

Our mission at is: To teach migraine patients & healthcare providers, how to alleviate migraine attacks with manual neuromodulation therapy.

We achieve this by

  • Advocating for migraine awareness & natural migraine remedies
  • Teaching patients our self help MHRMprotocol
  • Teaching physiotherapists our MHRMtherapy
  • Informing neurologists of our groundbreaking discoveries
  • Conducting quality research into manual neuromodulation migraine relief.